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Cool game, when there will be a second part?


Very small teaser but stil a fun and intriguing game. The art style is great and the story so far that you've set seems very interesting and something that can be really good! 

Only thing I would suggest on improving a little is the navigation; maybe make it so that the cursor is movable with the mouse (though I know you did this with RPG maker, so that might not be possible.) But it's not that much of an issue, just took a minute to get used to. 

But a great game overall and goof job on this so far! Cannot wait for more!


I'm looking forward to this one!


Hi there, I have made a little video on You-tube about your game if you want to check it out. It's only short but so is your game. : )

Spoilers and Bad Language in the Video

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Hey. I love your game. Nice horror elements and writing.

I made my own small video game and someone made a video playing it. I enjoyed watching it, so I wanted to make such videos for other people who make such games themselves.

Sorry if i made any language mistakes. English is not my first language.
Here is the video:

I am sorry that it is so quiet.


I really enjoyed playing this game! It's creepy and makes you wonder what is going to happen next, really wish I could stay and play more with our new "friend", but I guess I'll find out what kind of game "it" has in store for us when part 2 arrives! Great job! Looking forward to part 2! :)